Car Insurance Demystified


First time car owners (and sometimes even seasoned ones) are often bewildered and overwhelmed by the many different types of car insurance available. In this article, we explain in laymen terms the difference between the main types of car insurance. Hopefully this will help you decide which type of insurance is suitable for your particular needs. Continue Reading →

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The Kenguru Electric Car – Driving Has Never Been So Easy For Wheelchair Users

the KenguruWheelchair users are often at the receiving end of a world designed for able bodied people. Even seemingly routine tasks like shopping, a health check or a short commute to the workplace can be quite onerous and require them to seek help from others.

For wheelchair users who want greater independence and desire their own vehicle to get around, they are faced with the daunting task of finding and customizing a vehicle to make it suitable for their particular needs. This typically involves a huge cost in terms of money, time and effort. The price of the modified vehicle may come up to $80,000. The large financial outlay often puts these vehicles beyond the reach of wheelchair users. Needless to say, eco-friendly vehicles were but an even more distant dream.

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Tips To Get The Perfect Car For Your Canadian Road Trip

roadCanada is a vast country filled with panoramic sights and rustic grandeur to delight any road trip enthusiast. But before packing your trunk and setting off, you need a car that will prove equal to the task as you cruise on the highways and off the road. Here are some suggestions on how you can get the perfect car for your Canadian road trip without busting your budget. Continue Reading →

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3 flashlight types for your automotive toolbox

When you’re underneath a car a flashlight is one of your most necessary pieces of equipment. You can’t do any work unless you can see what you’re doing, so we suggest investing in a tactical flashlight to aid you. They are reliable, powerful and durable while it’s easy to find something to suit any budget.

So why a tactical grade flashlight? They are generally the upper-tier of flashlights and are essentially high performance models. They are designed for more hardcore situations and can handle the often dirty and dusty environments of a car garage. Accidentally drop it in oil? Most tactical grade flashlights are waterproof and can cope with such situations.

Whether you’re a full time mechanic or a motor hobbyist you need a solid, reliable light especially when you are searching under the dashboard, inspecting brakes and suspensions as well as looking/tracking leaks and searching through oily, grimy engine bays. That’s a diverse range of uses with different demands, but there is an entire range of flashlights that can come in handy in your tool box.

There’s no use in having a 1000 lumen flashlight that is so bright it’ll blind anyone passing by accident, having an adjustable setting is crucial especially if you require more power in certain situations. Avoiding the glare when you’re working is always key so having the ability to turn it off easily using a tail button is helpful, especially when you’re in an awkward spot and require an easy accessibly switch.

We recommend sticking with the well known manufacturers. The likes of Surefire, Streamlight and Fenix produce top quality products and have a vast range of options for almost any purpose. Other manufacturers such as 4sevens and Olight also have a decent range. You should be looking for LED (light emitting diode) models which are at the forefront of flashlight bulbs and offer both power efficiency and a long life. They’re now the benchmark and greatly increase the run time and brightness from the previous halogen and incandescent models.

You must spoil yourself with the best tactical flashlight for your tool box, so here’s a list of the most suitable types of automotive work that you should consider equipping yourself with when under the hood:


Head lamps

Most situations under a car demand a hands-free torch to create a flood beam wherever you look. These are a must have as they throw off a consistent wide beam to illuminate in front of your eyes without the need of your hands.

They generally all have adjustable brightness so you can maintain full control, many have high performance LED bulbs that can last the distance and can prove worthy investments. They also have a strobe function which can come in handy in certain situations but perhaps this is not particularly useful when under the hood!

Headlamps are hardy and rugged to tolerate knocks with protective casing ranging from polymer to anodized aluminum, making them perfect for under the hood. Surefire have a respectable range of headlamps for general smooth illumination, and even offer high performance models that can produce a whopping 500 Lumens of output.

Next, you can then arm yourself with a handheld flashlight to illuminate through tight spaces and store easily in your back pocket.

Handheld tactical flashlights

Need something compact to fit easily into your hand, is lightweight but still packs a punch? A small light may do the job. EDC (every day carry) style flashlights with a forward ‘clickie’ switch and/or a bottom switch.

Something around the 100-200 Lumens range is all you need for automotive work and something the size of 4-5 1/2″ in length with a 1″ diameter head should do the trick. It enables you to get into the tricky, small gaps in and around the engine bay.

Foursevens have produced the Quark Tactical which is a brilliant EDC light that weighs a minimal 1.8 ounces and is easily well within the handheld size bracket of 4.5 inches. Not to mention it can produce a very powerful 230 Lumens that can be adjusted to various brightness levels and it comes with a handy lanyard and keychain accessories – perfect for a lightweight flashlight for automotive enthusiasts and workers. You can pick up one of these numbers for around the $50.00 mark.

Something larger could fall out of your pocket and are not the most comfortable to have on you. However if you need something more beastly then it’s worth investing in a…

Heavy duty tactical flashlights

Now for the Boss of flashlights. If you demand more power and something more extreme, there is a vast range of more advanced flashlights.

We’ve found many automotive workers equip their toolbox with a Streamlight Stinger. The highly regarded beast of a light is well known for its reliability as well as the easy access to the parts for repair and upgrading.  There are several versions of the popular Stinger model including LED versions of the Polystinger (plastic casing, not the standard aluminum), Classic and the DS version (dual switch technology).

They also feature three lighting modes and a strobe function which is operated via the tail cap or the head-mounted switch. Both switches operate separately to suit any situation you may be in. Best of all though the Stinger range can produce a substantial 300+ Lumens. If you’re working on heavier duty projects these could do just the trick for you. It’s proven to be popular among mechanics, electricians and other tradesman and you cannot overlook Streamlight’s popular model.

But many of the other authority flashlight manufacturers such as Surefire, Fenix and Olight who have competitive models to rival the Stinger series. TacticalflashlightHQ have produced a useful comparison chart that can help you find the best tactical flashlight for your needs.



To conclude, there are several accessories that can come in handy for automotive work. Having a lanyard on both your everyday carry or larger flashlights can allow you to rest the flashlight around your neck when it’s not in use, or perhaps your wrist to prevent you from dropping your flashlight.

A holster is also a worthy investment if you are not so keen on a lanyard, enabling you to store your flashlight by your side with ease and safely. Also, be sure to have spare batteries on hand either rechargeable or an extra set to make sure you don’t run out of light when you need it the most.

What have you found is your most reliable flashlight for automotive work? We are interested to hear your thoughts below..


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The Importance of Sleeping Well Before Traveling

Summer is on the horizon and that means soon millions of us will be hitting the road for our own version of the Great American Road Trip. Getting ready for one of these epic journeys takes planning and preparation. It’s not uncommon for people to spend days getting their playlist just right, plotting out the perfect course and selecting snack foods and drinks that will travel well. The one thing many people overlook, however, is the sleep you need in the run up to a trip like this. When you’re going to be on the road, in the air, on the water or any combination of travel plans, it’s absolutely vital that you get your sleep.

Of course, the benefits of a good night’s sleep are pretty obvious when you’re the one doing the driving. After all, you don’t want to be nodding off or fighting fatigue when you’re driving down the highway or looking for a roadside attraction. However, sleep is important for anyone who is traveling, including passengers. In fact, when you’ve slept poorly, it can affect how well you travel and how much fun you actually have on your journey.

Chronic neck and shoulder pain are two of the most common ailments affecting people today. Some blame stress and others blame chronic poor posture. While these two contributing factors do play a part in this chronic and widespread condition, the real culprit is usually something pretty basic: your pillow. The pillow you use every night plays a huge role in how you feel throughout the day, especially if it offers little or no neck support.

When people use flat or even overstuffed pillows to sleep it doesn’t just deny your neck and shoulders of support – it actually adds to the strain they are under. Your body naturally wants to keep your body fairly horizontal throughout the night. A pillow that lets your head loll around or props it up too high means you’re waking up constantly, shifting position to try and get comfortable and otherwise not getting the sleep your body needs. The end result is tense, aching, cramping muscles, a short temper and diminished focus and concentration. This combination can be bad for your mood, but it can be downright dangerous when you’re driving.

Choosing a pillow that offers reliable and substantial neck and head support can alleviate tense muscles and pain from straining your neck and shoulders. It can also help to relieve people of chronic headaches, fatigue and irritability brought on by poor sleeping. On a road trip, pillows can make a huge difference. The driver will be able to focus more clearly on the road and passengers will be able to enjoy each other’s company and have energy for stops along the way. When you embark on a road trip with family and friends for hours or days, it’s not uncommon to get on each other’s nerves a bit. But making sure you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep and the right supportive pillow can keep your road trip a happy one.

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Best Pressure Washer for Car Washing

It’s now the time of year when frosty winters are a distant memory and many of you are looking out the window at your vehicle thinking ” I really should wash that car” , it’s a bit of a pain taking the garden hose , sponges ,buckets and cleaning products out and spending a few hours scrubbing dirt and grime off your car. Do you know the phrase ” work smarter , not harder ” , this is were a pressure washer comes in.

Pressure washers are great at removing stubborn stains quickly, much faster than doing it all by hand, The only problem is in today’s market there is such a large amount to choose from, while there is good brands to choose from ,more often than not people end up buying an absolute dud that only lasts a hand full of uses.

To help you along with the decision I have put together a quick run down of Pressure Washer Reviews.

At the moment the best selling pressure washer on Amazon is the AR383 and for a very good reason , even though it is on the middle ground of prices ( around $155) for pressure washers it is certainly worth it , why ? , the internal parts of this pressure washer are of a better quality than its competition , this allows the AR383 to keep working longer than its cheaper competition and not only that it is more powerful and pumps out more water at 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM, this not only makes it quite strong for an electric pressure washer but because of the 1.6 GPM it puts out this strong pressure at a much higher speed.It also comes with wheels making it very easy to move around and a hose reel , this allows the reel to be safely stored away.

Sun Joe SPX3000
This pressure washer is really on the upper end of the scale at just under $200, it has 2,030 PSI and 1.76 GPM which is really efficient at removing the most dug in dirt. Another cool feature about this washer is its twin detergent tanks , so if you are cleaning using a car wax detergent and a stronger detergent for removing stuck on dirt this saves time playing around with emptying and cleaning out different cleaning bottles. Another point I like about this washer is it comes with 5 different nozzle tips , most pressure washer wands in this price range only come with a plastic wand that you twist to change the spray but with this Sun Joe you get nozzle tips for every job you can think of and also the forward part of the wand is made from metal making it that much stronger than it’s competition.

I am including this pressure washer because despite its small size it is great for general jobs around the home and of course washing cars and you don’t need to spend as much money without sacrificing reliability , this is the only pressure washer in this review that is hand held but still manages to put out 1,500 PSI and 1.5 GPM despite its small size , most people would find this power adequate at removing road dirt from their car and even able to remove most dirt on concrete drive ways and dirty jobs like that around the home, this is a great pressure washer for someone who doesn’t want to take up much room in a garage or shed and doesn’t want to shell out a lot of money compared to the other pressure washers in this review since it generally costs under $100.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1825
This pressure washer isn’t as popular as other washers in this review but still offers a strong output of 1,800 PSI and 1.5 GPM , the interesting part about this pressure washer is that it still gives you lots of power while still costing around $130 and gets very favorable reviews from amazon and other on line retailers, not only is it strong and some what cheap it also comes with hooks to allow neat storage of the electric cable and wand hose and wheels to allow it to get moved around easily.

For some information about pressure washer reviews check out

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Choosing A Fun Career – Reasons To Become An Auto Mechanic

People often want a career that will give them a chance to do something they truly enjoy. There is an old saying about people can truly love their jobs if they are doing something that they like, and working on cars is something that both men and women like to do. For people with the talent for working with cars, there are a lot of reasons why they should consider going to some kind of school to get formal training on how to repair them. Some people may not know if it is the right career path for them to take, but there are some reasons why people should consider enrolling at a school that offers a degree or certification in auto mechanics.

A Career In the Auto Industry

The first reason why people should consider a job as an auto mechanic is the fact that there is a high demand for mechanics. Cars are not being built in the same way they were even 20 years ago, and the automotive industry is changing. Auto mechanics have to be up to speed on the latest technologies to make cars last longer, and get better gas mileage. The demand for auto mechanics keeps going up, and it is one of the jobs that will always be needed no matter how technologically superior cars are becoming.

A Job That Is Fun and Exciting

BMW mechanics get to have a lot of fun messing around with 3, 5, and 7 series sedans, whether it is doing stuff like finding out why a car engine is knocking, to choosing a shiny set of BMW oem wheels to really make the car look fantastic. Cars are more than engines and transmissions, but also doing a lot of fun stuff like special paint jobs, cool car rims, and amazing stereo systems. Mechanics have a lot of fun working on cars, and many people in this world do not have a good time whenever they clock in to work.

A Career With Good Pay

When it comes to a job with a good salary, one of the best paid people in the world are doctors and

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Best car for pet owners

Do you have a pet that you love being around with and enjoy bringing with you to other places? Riding in your car can be such a great driving experience, but the problem is that not every car is good for traveling with pets. Certain cars may not be a safe option for when taking pets with you. Whether you own a dog, cat, or even a turtle, you need to think about their safety in your car. Not all types of cars can be suitable for your pet, so it is not easy to determine what will work for you and your pet. You also need to find cars that give you a lot of nice space for your pet without taking away cargo space or space in your front seat when you are driving.

2014 GMC Acadia

This SUV has a ton of space for you to bring all kinds of pets and their accessories. There is a lot of cargo space right behind the third row seat, and the full independent suspension can give your dog or any pet a smooth ride. There is a nice touch activated climate control to make sure that your pet isn’t too cold or hot. This type of car is one of the best ones for large dogs, but almost all kinds of pets will love this car because of the ample space in the vehicle and the additional temp control to keep you and your pet comfortable.

2012 Ford Escape XLS

The Escape seats five while also having additional room in the cargo area for your pets, their food, and crates. The cargo alone can expand to almost 68 cubic feet when there are no other passengers inside the car. The foot activated hands free lift gate is amazingly helpful when your hands are busy with a nice little pooch or when carrying a huge bag of food into the back. This kind of car is so useful for those of you who want to travel with your friends and family without having to leave your pets at home. The space is ideal for any family with a pet.

2012 Toyota Corolla Sedan

This is a small passenger car with limited storage, but the price is low and attractive for anyone with a small budget. If you have a small dog or cat, the space is adequate and perfect. This car is good for any small pet that you may want to bring with you when you travel from one place to another. Any small creature in their small cage will be able to fit in the back seat with no problems.

Having a reliable car for your pet to enjoy is very important. It is best to make sure that you have plenty of space for your family and your pet before you buy a car. If you plan on having long car rides, it is beneficial to have a car your pet is going to enjoy being in. The above cars are just a few of the good cars that may help your pets have enjoyable car rides for many years to come.

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From fiddling with cars to becoming an electrician

This blog is broadly about cars, and I don’t normally blog about family related stuff, but today my son has become a fully qualified electrician, and I think he owes his new career partly to a love of cars. Look below to read the full story.

My son the electrician

I’ve always loved tinkering with cars and since he was four or five my son has loved coming out to help me. Maybe it was initially because he was fed up of spending time indoors with his four sisters (I’d prefer to think he just loved spending time with is Dad!) but as the years went by he really got into wanting to learn how cars worked and the thing he really enjoyed about the tinkering was the electrical side of things.

Well as of today my son has turned his passion into a career. He’s going to specialise in house electrics so he’s moved away a little from the car side of things, but I think he’ll earn well from his new job, so he can mainly invest in a car or two to do up a the weekends!

Tips from ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’

The strange thing about my sons new job is that I’d pushed against his career choice for ages, I’d always felt he should go to college rather than entering into trade.

In many ways my struggle with my son mirrors an experience Stephen Covey talks about in the book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, in the book Dr Covey speaks of how he and his wife worried relentlessly about one of their sons and how he wasn’t doing the right things or fitting in with what they wanted him to do. It was only when they stopped pushing him in certain directions and let him follow his own path that he became happy and relaxed, and once he was happy in himself then other good things followed.

In our case, we pushed and pushed for my son go to college, then despaired when he wasn’t that interested in his studies and didn’t know which career path to follow. I remember one week thinking “if he’d only spend as much time job searching as he did fixing the electrics in peoples cars he’d be sorted”. How stupid of me not to realise that he was avoiding job searching because he didn’t want a job in the fields we’d pushed him into, the answer to all his job worries was literally staring him (and me) in the face!

Turning a hobby into a job

Apparently, my son had already had always been interested in house electrics but they’re not easy to mess around with as car electrics so he’d stuck to automobile tinkering. Once he found a website (the excellent electrician instructor site) that gave him some basic pointers as to what he needed to do to start his career he set about devising a study plan for himself and working out how to go about getting an electrician certification.

Shamefully, he didn’t even tell me what he was doing as he worried about my reaction. I just wish I’d realised the error of my ways sonner! At least we’ve talked it all out now, and as a bonus I can get my car and my home electrics fixed for free!

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How and When to Maintain Your Car Easily

carWhen you buy a car, your first thoughts definitely isn’t “when is my first oil change going to be?”  You start playing with all of the new buttons and gadgets in your car and try to see how fast you can get it to go.  Then, a few thousand miles later the novelty of your new car has worn off and you need to take care of your baby.

There are different intervals that you should follow for each specific car maintenance service.  The given intervals are a guideline, and each car will need different service timelines based on the type of car you are driving and more importantly, how you are driving it.

Oil Changes

This is the one preventative maintenance that most people know about.  Changing your oil regularly is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your car outlast the amount of time you plan on owning the vehicle.  For newer cars, you can get 5,000-6,000 miles before you need to change your oil. Older vehicles should be changed every 3,000 miles though.  Vehicles that are over 10 years old or have over 100,000 miles should be changed every 3,000 miles with special synthetic motor oil or high mileage motor oil.

Tire Rotation

Lots of companies like Firestone and National Tire & Battery will include a free tire rotation with an oil change.  This is great because a lot of people will forget about this easy and cheap service that gets a lot more life out of your tires and keeps your driving a lot safer.  A good practice to keep in mind is to get your tires rotated every other oil change, or twice a year if you don’t drive that much.

Air Filter Replacement

There are two different types of air filters in most vehicles, and both with different recommended times to change them.  The air filter in your engine, the air intake filter, keeps dust and dirt from entering your engine.  These should be checked every oil change and replaced when they look coated in dust.  The increase in dust and dirt can clog the filter leading to a lower fuel efficiency and a slower running vehicle.  The other air filter is found inside of your car that filters the air running through your vents.  This is the cabin air filter, which should be checked once per year for possible replacement.

Monthly Checkups

There are a few things that you can actually check at home pretty easily to make sure your car is running right.  Once a month you should plan on checking your tire pressure/treadwear, all lights, and windshield washer fluid.  A good time to check any of these could even be when you are filling your tank with gas.

Given each car is built differently and we all drive with our own habits, the intervals mentioned in this article should be taken with a grain of salt.  The average miles for an oil change or tire rotation may be different for your car.  Midas has an easy guide that will tell you how often you should get your car maintained based on the specifications your car’s manufacturer recommends.

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Clean Out Your Car Before You Put it Up For Sale

Just this past weekend my father and I went car shopping. Okay, to be exact, we went “pickup” shopping because he is in need of a new truck. What we found was quite shocking in many cases. What hit me right away was the amount of work that many of the cars needed. Now, I can understand not wanting to perform some major fixes or something along those lines as long as you’re up front with the possible buyers and as long as the price your asking reflects that. What we noticed mostly this weekend was quite a bit sillier though.

More often than not we found truck after truck that needed cleaned up. If you’re going to be selling a car or truck the one thing that you can do to increase value and make it more buy-able is to thoroughly clean out your vehicle. You won’t be out any significant amount of money and it will go along way to impress upon the future buyer the value of your offer.

When my dad and I were shopping around we ran into one man’s truck that was quite a disaster. He had just about everything in the cab of his truck that you can think of. He must have been a workout guy because there was his gym bag, some protein powder and some weight loss supplements. Interestingly enough, he had a bottle of pills called Leptiburn. After doing some research I found a BioTrust Leptiburn review Kevin from Fitness B&W wrote that talked about exactly what this supplement does. It actually sounded pretty cool. At either rate though, it was kind of a turn off to see a pile of workout misc. in the truck.

On the other hand, we did find one truck that was extremely clean and well maintained. The downside is that these guys were asking a fair amount above Kelly Blue Book value but when you think of how much less work the truck needed compared to others it is a little more reasonable to see why. Overall though, it was a little too high of price. Bottom line is that the truck at least made a good impression on us despite it’s high price simply because there were no personal items left in it an it was basically spotless.

So my recommendation is to do the following items thoroughly:

  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Clean inside of windows
  • Pickup and remove any personal items
  • Wash outside
  • Clean and quickly polish wheels
  • Scrub tires (makes them appear newer and nicer)

Really, these should be considered as the bare minimums when thinking about putting your vehicle up for sale. If you do take the little extra time out and prepare your car to hit the market you will see it sell quicker and for a higher price. No buyer wants to buy a car and then have to do work on it afterwards, even if it is a minor amount of cleaning. So in the end, you don’t have to spend much money to make your car worth more, just a little elbow grease should do it.

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How a Career as a Mechanic Could Save your Life

My nephew Alex has always loved cars.

And in some ways, I like to think I had something to do with it.

When Alex was young I would visit my brother (his father) and spend time working on their families Chevy. Whenever we’d work on my brothers car Alex would plop down right by us as we worked. He would always carry an excited and inquisitive look in his eyes as he gazed at us working.

He was just a baby, but I sensed his love for mechanics from the get go.

Now i’ve always been a proud uncle to Alex – but as he grew into a teenager he began to test my confidence in him… Alex turned to abusing hard drugs .

His parents did what they could to help him out. But the kid was rebellious. They sent him on work trade in South America, but he got kicked out for drug abuse. They did a lot of research about spiritual drug rehabilitation and ended up sending him to an inpatient christian recovery center. That didn’t work out either.

My brother was really down about it all, so I invited him on a camping trip.

We talked about Alex and tried to think about his strengths. We decided that what might work best for the kid was to focus on what worked well for him rather than on what wasn’t working.

We came home with an idea that might have saved Alex’s life.

Two weeks after out camping trip, Alex was enrolled in an automotive mechanic program in our town. He shifted his attention to his studies, started spending his time with his class mates rather than his drugged up friends and – most importantly – gained the confidence he needed to move on with his life.

I’m happy to say that Alex is now clean, owns two cars of his own and is making progress towards opening up his own mechanic shop.

I hope this story has inspired you. If you, a family member or a friend are dealing with drug addiction, do your research, you might find that a recovery program to be just the right choice for you. But again, it should be accompanied by some soul searching and goal follow through.

But for many people, what’s they really need to do is focus on what they’re passionate about. On what makes them tick. When you do this you’re no longer putting energy into what isn’t working and what needs to change. Your putting your energy into what you love and what you find joy in changing. Once you’re able to shift focus like this you’re problems of addiction and abuse will fade to the background. They will simply be replaced.

And soon, you won’t even remember what it was like to struggle like you did before.

If you’re on this site then you too likely share a passion for automotive work like my nephew Alex does. If you haven’t been moving towards your biggest goals that are related to this field, what’s stopped you?

Have you shied away from a career in fixing cars because your lazy? Have you not updated your blog about engines because you’re afraid of what people might think about your writing?

And most importantly – have you been filling up this void in your life with drugs or other addictions?

Think about this often. Think about Alex. And never stop thinking about what you can do to change your life for the better.

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Great Cars to Use in the Mountains

Whenever I leave to head out to have a good time in the mountains near my house, I find someone has turned up there with a car that simply will not do the job. They have a low clearance vehicle and often end up hiking quite a ways to the trailhead or worse yet they end up getting stuck. I always try and help them out of their situation if they are around, but if not I just continue about my business and head for the trailhead.

I understand why people buy sedans and other low clearance cars. They are great on gas, they are comfortable and they are cheaper to purchase new and used than a larger car. Unfortunately, on the steep grades and other difficult terrain, they just dont quite cut it. I know it’s easy to keep using your car, but eventually you’re going to damage part of the undercarriage because you dont have the ground clearance and then you’ll be stuck wherever you happen to end up – and no one wants that. So here are a few great cars to use in the mountains.


One of the best options is a subaru in the mountains. They are still fairly sedan-like and they have pretty high ground clearance. If you get a model like the forester or the outback, they have plenty of room to store the gear that you bring with you as well. It doesnt matter if you’re rock climbing, camping or hiking, there is plenty of room for your gear when you’ve got a subaru. In addition to being good for mountain use, they are pretty good on gas as well, with the forester getting 24 mpg in the city and 32 on the highway. All in all, they are great cars for the mountains and they are fairly cost effective. Unfortunately, the used car market for subarus is kind of wonky so the used subarus are rather expensive.


If you’re looking for something a bit bigger with more ground clearance, you should consider getting a truck. There are plenty of great models out there and as Joe Diffy says “they’ve got an eight foot bed that doesnt have to be made”. There is usually more than enough ground clearance to get to wherever you need to be in the mountains and around town with a pickup. Also, if you’re a hunter a pick up is great because you can keep all your hunting gear in there like the best rangefinder around. Not only can you keep all your hunting gear in the truck, you can keep your spouse happy by not dirtying up the car when you carry harvest home. Win win. I’ve never see a truck have a problem in the mountains, no matter the conditions. Snow, rain, mud or anything else has never caused problems for truck owners. Unfortunately, trucks are rather expensive and dont get great gas mileage. On top of all that, they are kind of expensive to insure as well – but they are great in the mountains.

Sport Utility Vehicle

The last option for you if you want a great mountain car is a sport utility vehicle, or an SUV. They have the high ground clearance like a truck, but dont have the empty bed and can haul just as much stuff. The SUV was pretty popular as an off road vehicle for a while, but now has become the domain of suburban moms toting their kids off to soccer (because they dont want to be seen in a minivan). Of course, the high ground clearance helps as does all the space for getting you around when you’re headed out to kayak or river raft in the mountains. The good part about an SUV is that there is plenty of room for the family, but the bad part is that they are terrible on gas and expensive to drive around frequently. There is also plenty of room in your SUV to hold all the gear that you want to take. If you’re unsure of what to take on a hunting trip up to the mountains, check around online and you’ll be able to find some reviews of a lot of different hunting, climbing and outdoor gear, including rangefinder reviews.
So, if you ever find yourself wanting to spend more time in the mountains but are unsure if you’ve got the vehicle to get you there and back without any problems like getting stuck or causing damage to your car, there are plenty of good options. Make sure to find the best one you can that you can afford and get out there and have fun!

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7 Things You Need to Know About Driving with a Headset

Traffic is the bane of our existence. According to some reports, the average commuter spends about 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. In London, it’s even worse—commuters are stuck in traffic for 82 hours a year!

But even 38 hours a year is too much. Driving in heavy traffic can be really stressful, and we all know stress is bad. You have to find the space to pass through for your vehicle, you worry that someone might bump your car, and you gnash your teeth when someone cuts you off.

When you get stuck in traffic long enough, you begin to worry about your fuel and how your engine might be affected. Then you worry about being late for an important meeting, for a major exam, or for a first date with the woman of your dreams (…maybe). All these things can really raise your blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

But there’s a cure that often works: music.

The right music can soothe your nerves and help you to calm down. But if you don’t have a speaker in your car and you have to use a headset, you need to make sure that you are doing it right.

Here are some things you need to know:

1. Make sure it’s legal in your state to use a headset when you drive. In the US, different states have different laws on driving while wearing a headset. You need to make sure about this because laws change all the time.

Based on our latest research, the states which do not have any laws prohibiting wearing of headsets while driving include:

Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wests, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

2. Don’t wear noise canceling earphones. It’s enough that the earphones can tone down the blare of the horns and sirens, but you need to be able to listen to what’s going on around you. This is important to keep you out of harm’s way.

Believe it or not, some people are actually crazy enough to install video game systems in their cars or SUVs. Sure, it’s no big deal if the kids in the backseat are playing a PS4 game and shut the world out with their brand new headset. That doesn’t affect your job. However, we question the general safety of activities that affect the general awareness of all passengers. After all, just because somebody isn’t driving doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be paying attention as well!

3. Avoid headache triggers while driving. This means lowering the volume and making sure that the headphones aren’t too heavy. You need a pair that fits you well. Loud music and heavy headphones are notorious for causing headaches, which can be a very bad thing when you’re driving.

4. Get a cradle for your mobile. This needs no further explanation. Adjustable cradles are best.

5. Get a phone with Bluetooth function or any type of wireless answering system. This will enable you to answer your phone without actually having to touch it. When driving, you always want to keep both hands on the wheel.

6. Get a phone with a voice command feature. Even if the law prevents you from reading your texts and emails, you can skirt the law by just telling your phone to read those messages out loud. You simply need to make sure that activating the voice command feature doesn’t require you to actually handle the phone with your hands.

7. If you want to be safe while driving, just switch your phone to silent mode. You don’t have to turn it off completely because music helps you to pass the time and also calms you down.

Traffic can be a killer in more ways than most people realize. But music can actually save your life while you’re on the road because it relieves you of traffic-induced stress and also allows you to answer calls without having to look at your phone. Just make sure you buy the right headset so that you can get the most out of it.

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With Spring looming, what should the car buff look for in a lawn mower?

Car buffs certainly know their stuff when it comes to automobiles. Very few long time car lovers are going to make bad decisions when it comes to buying a new or used auto. However, they might find themselves a little stuck when the time arrives to buy a new lawn mower. With spring right around the corner, a new lawn mower is going to be a huge asset. What can should a car aficionado buying a new mower requires a smart purchasing decision? Basically, all you need to do is apply the same approach to buying a lawn mower you would with a car. In other words, you have to employ good, common sense consumerism and follow some basic tips for making the right buy.

Defining the job intended for the lawn mower is important. Different mowers can handle big or small jobs depending on their design. If you only want to trim your front lawn and a medium sized backyard, you are not going to need a huge mower. A basic push mower will do fine. Those who live on very large properties and have a lot of work to do may wish to purchase a riding mower. A Honda riding lawn mower could cut down a day’s worth of work into just a couple of hours.

You might even wish to seriously think about whether a gas or electric mower is better. A gas mower can deliver a bit more horsepower, but an electric one may be easier to power. Electric mowers are more environmentally friendly.

The electric mowers can be either battery powered or require a cord to be plugged into a wall socket. Obviously, cords can only go so far without an extension. For maximum flexibility, a battery powered mower might be the wiser choice.

Look for a mower that has been designed for the landscape of your yard and property. Lower mowers are most certainly not one size fits all. Some lawns are flat which others may be outright uneven. Natural or artificial obstacles might be present on the property and the selected mower has to be able to navigate these problems.

The lawn mower should be able to easily affix accessories if they are needed. Trying to connect lawn mower trailers should not require any extra effort and such accessories should remain safely in place when the mower is riding or being pushed. Certain lawnmowers are going to be better at such a task than others.
With Spring Looming, What Should the Car Buff Look for in a Lawn Mower?

Those who live in harsh winter environments do want to purchase a mower that will be fine during the cold months and require very little winterizing. Very little is worse than discovering during the spring your lawn mower is not working efficiently if at all.

Buying a name brand mode is well advised. Name brands are known in the consumer market for a very good reason. The quality the manufacturer delivers has long since been established. A Honda riding lawn mower likely is going to be far more reliably that a no name brand. Investing a little extra for the name brand just might be worth it if reliability in performance is what you are after.

All of the steps required for buying a solid lawn mower are fairly straight forward. You just have to be a little deliberate in your purchasing. Doing so ensures you buy the right model for both your lawn and budget.

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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is the most vital piece of equipment when riding a motorcycle. Protecting your head isn’t something that anyone should take lightly. However, choosing the right helmet isn’t exactly an easy task. The many different styles, types and prices out there can be very overwhelming. So I have come up with a few tips to consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet.

The first factor you should consider is the fit of the helmet. If the helmet doesn’t fit properly it won’t protect your head the way it was designed to. Finding the right size is the first step. By using a cloth measuring tape you can calculate your head size and then use a conversion chart to find your helmet size. Keep in mind that everyone’s head is different. Finding the helmet that best fits your head shape is important. There are 3 main head shapes that motorcycle helmets are designed for. Most people have what is called an intermediate-oval shape head. Others have either more of a long-oval shape head, which is narrower, or round-oval shape head, which is wider. You can figure this out by basically tilting your head down and looking in the mirror. Visit for a head shape guide.

The next step to choosing the right motorcycle helmet is to figure out your price range. Motorcycle helmets can range anywhere from $50 all the way to $5000. Obviously the highest priced helmets are meant more for the extreme riders or professional racers. If you are a more casual rider then a $200-$300 helmet would do just fine.

Another factor to consider is the type of motorcycle helmet you want. Full face and modular/flip up helmets are the safest because they protect your entire head. Helmets that only protect the top of your head are basically useless on a motorcycle because your entire face is exposed. That’s why I would stay away from those types of helmets. A flip up helmet has many advantages that a full face helmet doesn’t. It is easier to take a quick drink or talk to someone with a flip up helmet. However, they tend to be noisier because the seal isn’t as good as a full face helmet. Riders who do mostly short distance riding aren’t usually too concerned with noise compared to someone who usually rides long distance for obvious reasons. Thinking about what type of riding you will be doing will help you narrow down the most important features to look for.

Finally there is technology. Many motorcycle helmets these days are equipped with some cool technology features. Bluetooth is very useful in a helmet because it can do a lot of things wirelessly. Some riders like to talk on the phone or listen to music while riding, that is when Bluetooth can really come in handy. Some helmets even have earphone cutouts to make it more comfortable when listening to music. These are just a couple cool features that helmet companies are starting to introduce.

So remember to think about these things when buying a motorcycle helmet. Hopefully these tips made it a bit easier for you. After all protecting you head is pretty important, so take some time and do your research before buying.

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Tips for Washing your SUV or Boat

A large amount of money and your savings is spent when you buy any vehicle, be it an SUV or a boat. Washing the SUV and boat is one of the many tasks considered maintenance. This article is all about how best to complete this task and hopefully you find the car cleaning advice and comments helpful.

Here are some of the best tips for washing your SUV so as to protect and maintain it well. The first thing you need to make sure while washing and cleaning your SUV is that you do not harm the car and make the cure worse than the disease itself. As an example, if you have to clean a stain from the car seat then make sure the methods and equipments used to clean are gentle on the fabric of the seat. When the car is hot, say after a long drive or in the middle of the day, washing the hot car may cause harm to the rims and breaks, so make sure when you introduce cold water to the brake rotors and windshield, it is not done straight after using the vehicle.

Before you start cleaning the car surface with a brush or sponge, wet the surface of the car as water acts as a lubricant to avoid any swirl marks and scratches. Wetting the car will also remove the loose dirt stuck on the surface. Ensure you always use lots of water. Washing the SUV regularly will require less aggressive cleaning and keep it protected. As a general rule, it should be washed at least twice a month to protect the dust and dirt from collecting on the paint and binding with it.

A low pressure hose should always be preferred over a power washer or pressure washer. High pressure washers are very good at washing away the dirt from some of the less accessible parts of the SUV but the high pressure of the water may cause some of the fine dirt or dust to push into the paint on the surface and tiny scratches may appear. Using the correct car wash is very important as the usual dish washing liquids are harsh on the wax or sealant of the car. Along with the dirt, the polish of the surface is also removed. It is always preferable to use a car wash soap suited for any type of car paints and coatings.

There are different car washing mitts and soft brushes available in the market which are gentle on the surface of your SUV as they hold ample amount of water and soap so as to avoid any swirl marks. Cleaning the car with such brushes becomes easy. Always start washing your SUV from top to bottom to avoid missing some of the areas or washing same areas twice. Drying the car with either a water blade or a good quality towel as it gives you a nicely dried and scratch free surface. These clothes or towels used for drying should be washed separately to avoid any polish or shiners spot on them. The soap or detergent used for washing the wheels can be the same as for washing the surface of the SUV but separate sponge/ brush should be used as they are the most dirt containing parts of the car and to avoid spreading this dirt all over the car.

The cleaning equipment and other products used to clean a boat depend on the type of boat and its design. Using the right tools to wash your boat will let you save time, money and efforts. The cleaning brush should be strong enough to remove the grime, dirt and salt present on the boat surface without harming the gel coat. A long handle brush will help you clean some of the less accessible portions of the boat without straining your body.

The selection of detergent for cleaning the boat should be made such that it is good at cleaning the salt, fish blood, grime, and dirt. The qualities of the best suited soap should have neutral pH, be biodegradable, and not super concentrated. Use the soap in fresh water to remove the salt. Chamois drying mops or soft clothes are best suited for soaking the water on the boat surface without harming the gel coat. After drying the boat, a good quality wax can be applied once or twice a season to protect the shine and fiberglass. Several coats should be applied to preserve the hull luster.

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