Car Insurance Demystified


First time car owners (and sometimes even seasoned ones) are often bewildered and overwhelmed by the many different types of car insurance available. In this article, we explain in laymen terms the difference between the main types of car insurance. Hopefully this will help you decide which type of insurance is suitable for your particular needs. Continue Reading →

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The Kenguru Electric Car – Driving Has Never Been So Easy For Wheelchair Users

the KenguruWheelchair users are often at the receiving end of a world designed for able bodied people. Even seemingly routine tasks like shopping, a health check or a short commute to the workplace can be quite onerous and require them to seek help from others.

For wheelchair users who want greater independence and desire their own vehicle to get around, they are faced with the daunting task of finding and customizing a vehicle to make it suitable for their particular needs. This typically involves a huge cost in terms of money, time and effort. The price of the modified vehicle may come up to $80,000. The large financial outlay often puts these vehicles beyond the reach of wheelchair users. Needless to say, eco-friendly vehicles were but an even more distant dream.

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Tips To Get The Perfect Car For Your Canadian Road Trip

roadCanada is a vast country filled with panoramic sights and rustic grandeur to delight any road trip enthusiast. But before packing your trunk and setting off, you need a car that will prove equal to the task as you cruise on the highways and off the road. Here are some suggestions on how you can get the perfect car for your Canadian road trip without busting your budget. Continue Reading →

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Tips for Mounting Your Laptop in Your Car

Whatever the reason, sometimes we just need to mount our laptop in our car. It’s fair. For years I worked out of my car as a designer, and I had to give customers proposals from the seat of my truck. To do this efficiently, I had to have a laptop, a printer, and a laptop mount that I worked off of.

I first tried to use the laptop with no mount. This didn’t work so well. I was constantly dropping the laptop when I came to a stop or when I was trying to print. This just wasn’t working for me, and I even ended up having to replace a laptop.

I soon found that it was much more cost effective to invest in a mount for my laptop, rather than replacing parts and such. So, given what I went through, I’d like to share those tips with you folks so you guys don’t have to go through the same thing.

  1. Make sure you have an sufficient power and a correct power source. When I first started using my laptop in my car, I would suck up all the power, and it would sometimes kill my battery. This is bad. It also looks bad to the customer when you aren’t even competent enough to keep your car alive while trying to give them a quote. So you should invest in an adaptor that evenly distributes the power from the battery. This way you wont kill your battery, and you wont over power your devices.
  2. Invest in a big, sturdy mount for your vehicle. This mount will ideally mount by the passenger seat so it can be accessed in the driver’s seat. No, this doesn’t mean you should use it while you drive. If you do that, you’ll probably wreck. Make sure the laptop is made to handle the weight of your laptop, and make sure it doesn’t bang into your dash when you stop. As long as it is sturdy and durable, it should work fine.
  3. Make sure it’s a comfortable reach for you. If it’s not, then why try to work from the car in the first place. That’s why we do it right? We do it for comfort; make sure your laptop mount compliments that ideal.

We hope this helps! The idea here is to keep you guys from making the same mistakes we did. We think this should help if you follow the rules we have laid out. We’d recommend giving it a try. And please, let us know how it works for you. Also, you have anything that you’ve tried in the past that you found works, let us know. We’d like to add on anything that might help.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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Driverless Cars Starting To Become Reality?

If Google has any say, driverless cars could soon be making their way to a highway near you. These cars have already been manufactured, taking the intelligence of home computers to a whole new level. Through the software in these vehicles, there is no need for a steering wheel, gas pedal or brakes. Many people are excited about this new technology, but there are also many concerns about what this will mean for the future of transportation.

The first models of Google’s driverless cars had no steering wheel, gas pedal or brake installed. Unfortunately, California’s DMV was not too thrilled with the absence of these parts and has stated they will not allow driverless vehicles that have no ability for a human to take control. While Google firmly states there is no reason for these parts to be included in the models, they will comply with the California DMV and have added temporary steering wheels and pedal systems to their models.

As of now, the latest Google vehicles are made to resemble smart cars and only hold two passengers. Since California will not allow these test cars on the roads unless the driver has the ability to monitor the operation and take over complete control of the vehicle, Google is continuing to tweak their models, to comply with all DMV rules and regulations. Each state may end up having their own rules, however, so it will be interesting to see if the federal government overtakes oversight of this issue to permit interstate travel.

As further research is done, it is hoped these vehicles will soon be on roads all across the country. The current model of vehicles only go around twenty-five miles per hour. It is planned that these vehicles will eventually have the ability to top those speeds.

There is plenty of time for Google to continue working with its software programming, so its vehicles are in top shape. The latest prototypes will not be seen on roadways for at least two years. Google is making sure to comply with all regulations, by incorporating new devices in their models, so these new options can be thoroughly tested.

One of the biggest concerns that many in the computer industry are having are how safe and secure the software operating the cars will be, and measures taken to ensure that they are hacker proof and spyware proof. There is a legitimate concern about this, as this could take hacking to a whole new level. Imagine being able to hijack these driverless cars and operate them remotely? You could conceivably cause an accident or even kidnap the person in the actual car itself. However, many measures are being taken, including specialized software to protect against malware and viruses, and especially hacking. Security is one of the biggest concerns in the development of these vehicles, and consumers should be aware of the precautions that are being undertaken.

If you are interested in learning more about these prototypes, be sure to check out Google’s latest news. Many are amazed at this new technology and what it will mean for drivers in the near future.

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Should You Buy Your Tires from Costco?

Costco is a members-only warehouse club. It is the largest membership depository chain in the United States. Founded in 1976, it boasts of 635 locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Japan. Offering discounted prices at high volumes, Costco sells anything from diamond jewelry to electronics. It also sells cheap yet branded tires, which you can have installed at the tire garage for a small price. Because of its unbeatable prices, more and more people are purchasing their tires from Costco. The question is, should you too? Here are some points to ponder before you drive over to Costco.

Costco Tires Come With a Warranty Replacement
Tires are not meant to last a lifetime, but with Costco, you get a road hazard warranty. In case your tire goes flat, Costco will try to fix your tire – or give you credit for the remaining tread percentage. If, in case the tire flatted out on full tread, the company will replace it for free.

Costco Offers Lifetime Rotation and Balancing
Rotation, the process of moving the tires from front to back, or from left to right and vice-versa, is essential for all vehicles. It prevents uneven tire wear, which can lead to poor performance and a lower gas mileage. Balancing, on the other hand, involves the weighing of a tire and wheel assembly. This ensures the smooth spinning of the tires. If this is not done on a regular basis, your will be subjected to vibrations – while the tires will be subjected to wear and tear. Whether you get cheap ones, or the most expensive tires in Costco, the fact of the matter is you need to have it rotated and balanced regularly. Having it done outside costs a significant amount of money, but if you buy tires from Costco, you can get this service on the cheap.
Tip: Tire rotation comes with a long waiting time, so drop by the tire garage early on a weekday morning to save some time.

Costco Inflates Tires with Nitrogen
Nitrogen is all the rage nowadays, especially when it comes to tires. After all, it comes with numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improved fuel efficiency – Nitrogen ensures correct tire pressure. As a result, you maintain the right ‘contact patch,’ as recommended by the manufacturer. With Costco’s nitrogen-filled tires, you can enjoy maximum fuel efficiency and decreased rolling resistance.
  • Lengthier tire life – Oxygen oxidates the tires, making the rubber fragile. In the end, the tire will lose its tensile strength. In addition, oxygen can also cause damage on the belt packages and inner liners. Nitrogen, on the other hand, does not react with the rubber. In fact, it can maintain optimum tire health even under immense pressure and extreme temperatures.
  • Enhanced safety – According to research, approximately 6.7% of vehicular accidents are caused by tire blowouts. This usually happens when the tires are under-inflated. Since nitrogen provides better tire pressure which lowers your chance of a blowout.

Recognizing the potential of nitrogen, Costco tires are inflated with this inert gas. So before you re-air your tires, keep in mind that Costco tires come with green tube caps. As such, they can only be inflated with nitrogen, and not ordinary air.

Costco Tires are Very Affordable
Perhaps the best thing about Costco tires is their price. The store offers top-name tires from Bridgestone, Michelin and BF Goodyear at very reasonable prices.It even offers tire discounts for bulk purchases. Most importantly, the published retail price covers fees as well as the costs for shipping and handling.
To answer the question “Should you buy your tires from Costco?” The answer is YES. With its lifetime warranty, rotation/balancing services, nitrogen inflation services and affordable prices, there is no reason why you should replace your tires from anywhere else.

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The Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive industry is one of the most important industries of the world and it is also a very resource consuming industry. Vehicles manufacturers, whether they are making motorcycles, cars, buses, SUV’s, trucks, trains, or even aircrafts, require components on a fast and continuous manner to be able to match their competitors. If this automotive supply chain is weak or inefficient, companies suffer. Japanese automobile companies are the most profitable companies in the automotive world while their counterparts in America and Europe are lagging behind mostly because of a weak and inefficient automotive supply chain.

Supply chain system in the West is based upon forecasts
The current system in the western world is dependent upon forecasts. Thus automotive companies are always trying to match their demands with supplies. There is always uncertainty in the minds of the manufacturers that results in a weak supply system that starts from raw material suppliers down to the last chain in the system that is the car buyers.

You will be surprised to know that the automotive industry of the world consumes nearly 40% of the rubber produced in the world. This is not all as it also gobbles up 25% of the glass produced and 15% of the steel made in the world. Last, but not the least, all the vehicles in the world eat up nearly 40% of the oil produced by the world. With every automobile manufacturer using the same resources, it is surprising how some companies are ahead of others in making and selling their automobiles. This is where an efficient automotive supply chain comes into the picture.

LEAN cuts down on operational costs
With cutthroat competition among automobile manufacturers, beating the competition is dependent upon cutting down on operational costs and making the best and most efficient use of the available resources. This requires partnering with the largest logistics provider to be able to meet the requirements of the components in a fast and efficient manner. LEAN manufacturing is all about cutting down costs at all levels of manufacturing. If you own a manufacturing unit, you know the crucial importance of fast and timely delivery of components so as to be able to manufacture and assemble vehicle parts. It takes a company better management of inventory and speeding up products to be ahead of the competition at all times. It also means adopting an operational model that has the flexibility to adapt to the changing consumer demands. With such a model in place, any automotive company can shift its operations to manufacture products according to the demands of the end consumers.

Automotive industry, especially in the west, is today standing at a point where it is struggling to maintain its profits. This is because of increasing prices of raw materials and also because of inefficient supply chain management. With no control over the rising prices of raw materials, the only way to increase profits is to make the supply chain more efficient and more effective.

A fast and efficient logistics company can help in cutting down delays
Automobile companies make vehicles based upon an assessment of sales of their units. They get feedback from their dealers and make a forecast based upon this feedback. There are often inaccuracies in this system, leading to either stockpiling of vehicles at the end of the manufacturer or shortages of the vehicles again leading to poor sales. When there are poor sales, manufacturers try to push sales with discounts and promotions. But these incentives add up to costs, leading to shrinking margins of the manufacturers. Another reason of shrinking profit margins of automobile manufacturers is the high cost of inbound and outbound logistics. To overcome these problems, automotive companies look for logistics providers that provides fast and effective supply chain management solutions. To be chosen for a distribution job, a logistics company must ease the complexities involved in procurement of components and thus increase operational efficiency of the automobile manufacturer.

An automobile manufacturer must remain alert to the ever changing demands of consumers and introduce flexible operations in your manufacturing unit. Many partner with logistics companies that makes sure that all your component needs are fulfilled just in time. Such a logistics company will also ensure that finished automobiles are transported to your dealers in quick time to be ready for sales.

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5 Tips To A Cleaner Car

You’re driving down the road with the guys, talking about the best fantasy football names, and you have to slam on the brakes suddenly! The half-full drinking cup from two days ago tips over on the floor. An empty soda can rolls out from under the front seat. After a few curse words, you look around the car and see that your car is a pigsty with food wrappers on the floorboard, fingerprints on the windows, and something sticky on the dash that you can’t recognize. You need help.

To keep your car clean, follow these top 5 tips:

1) Keep some simple cleaning supplies in the trunk: Make a tub, bucket, or box filled with basic cleaning supplies such as window cleaner, auto detail wipes, carpet cleaner, air freshener etc. Add in a small container with lid filled with plastic grocery bags, a roll of paper towels, a bath towel, and a kitchen trash bag. You’ll have what you need handy in case of a mess.

2) Stomp off your feet before getting in: The dirt, mud, and grass that comes in on your feet makes your car look dirty, and if left there for long periods of time, can stain the carpet/mats permanently. If there are pebbles left behind, they can promote more wear and tear on the carpets through friction. To help avoid getting more dirt and grass in than necessary, stomp your feet before getting in the vehicle to remove most of what would fall off on the floor. Ask your passengers to do the same if it’s particularly muddy or wet.

3) Keep a box of wet wipes in the glove box: Wet wipes are good for cleaning things besides babies’ bottoms. Wet wipes are made to be gentle so they can be used to clean up minor spills, fingerprints, and sticky messes on dashboards, doors, and seats. They can also be used to wipe any sticky fingers that end up in your car before they make a mess. And, they have a nice baby powder scent so your car will have a nice smell.

4) Don’t allow food in the car: When people buy a new car, this is usually one of the first rules they make. But soon, food starts sneaking in here and there. Maybe it starts with a bag of chips, and then progresses to a burrito. Before you know it, you’re driving down the road with a double-bacon cheeseburger in one hand and a chocolate milkshake in the other. Rules are made to be broken, right? WRONG! Food in the car is the main cause of dirty interiors. From spills, to dropped food and food wrappers, it’s just a nasty, smelly mess that can be avoided. You don’t want to find a petrified chicken nugget under the back seat after a month or so, do you? Make a firm rule that food is not allowed to be eaten in the car.

5) Keep a trash bag in the car and empty it: Keeping some type of trash receptacle in your vehicle is a good way to keep trash from taking up permanent residence. Some use a simple plastic grocery bag hung from the gear shift, and others prefer an actual receptacle. One great idea is using one of those plastic cereal containers with the pop open dispensing lid. Line it with a plastic shopping bag, and put the lid on. Trash goes in the little pop up spout and you can quickly and easily take out the full bag, throw the bag of trash out and replace with a new bag when needed.

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions, and should be treated with care to last for a long time. Keeping it clean with these simple tips is as easy as can be. Now, about those good fantasy football team names, any ideas?

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Buying a Car – New vs Used, What Are the Advantages?

So, you are looking to buy a car… Now one of the main questions you may be facing is whether to buy a new car or a used one. There’s no right or wrong answer provided you know what you are doing, but each alternative has its own advantages, and that’s what I want to share with you in this post.

Advantages of Buying a New Car

It’s New! – This is a simple reason, but powerful enough to motivate the purchase of a car. After all, everybody wants something completely new! There are other implied benefits of course like the absence of nasty smell and a clean history. These are issues that you won’t have to face if you are opting for a brand new car.

Have it the way you want it! – When ordering a new car you can choose which specs to include, and even the colors of both the exterior and interior. Usually a car dealer will send an email fax with all the specs and features you can customize.

Warranty – There’s no better guarantee that the one given you by the car manufacturer with the purchase of a new car. Sure, you can get a warranty with a used car but it will cost you extra money.

Latest technology – New cars come equipped with the latest gizmos and technology features. Digital technology inside cars is evolving at a quick pace, so you can see an evident improvement on a year-to-year basis, especially when it comes to navigation. If you want the latest gadgets in your car, this may be an important factor.

Less time consuming – When buying a new car you can just go to the dealer, pick your model an not worry about anything else. The search for a good used car takes more time, and it often requires you to visit different used car dealers (or private sellers), find a mechanic and test the car while looking for imperfections. If you don’t choose a good used car you may even have to deal with problems later!

Advantages of Buying a Used Car

Price – This is perhaps the biggest factor that influences the purchase of a used car. If you have a budget in mind, you can also take advantage of the reduced prices to buy a bigger or better looking model.

More options – Although you can buy a new car and have it customized right from where you buy it, perhaps you are looking for a model that is no longer being produced, at a discounted price of course.

Depreciation – Used car owners doesn’t have to worry much about depreciation. The biggest price drop comes the first months of having a new car, you can easily sell the car a few months later and pretty much recover your money.

Cheaper insurance – In most cases it is cheaper to insure a used car, this is an added bonus that will help you save money.

Remember that although buying a new car has its advantages, you could have a better experience with a used car, and don’t forget the basic tips when looking for a used car: take it to the mechanic, test it, and check for history.

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Land a Solid Career in the Automotive Industry

With the increasing demand for various kinds of automotive vehicles, there is also an increasing need for qualified and talented personnel in different companies. Working for the automotive industry can be highly rewarding especially since it is not too difficult to climb the corporate ladder and get a promotion.

During one of my trips down south, I met an online seller who owns a shop for good metal detectorsquadcoper kits and other products. While we were having a conversation, we talked about car financing options since he’s really interested to purchase a new one. At that time, he said that there’s not enough information available. That was when I came up with an idea of creating a blog where online users can get automotive tips, news and even career information.

Find Your Passion

Before I entered the industry, I started to work in the real estate industry. When I finally found that I really wanted to work with vehicles, I decided to give it a try. Working as an automotive specialist is something I have always wanted to do. But apart from my regular job, I am also passionate in writing. As such, I have decided to come up with a blog. At the back of my mind, I was thinking how I could help others when it comes to information. Since I am working in this industry, I get to have certain details and information but how about the others? My passion led me to this career and I love it.

Read More About Automotives

Finding my passion is never an easy thing. And whenever someone asks me which career to pursue, I always say that one should go for a job that he loves. Since I have finally found my passion in working with automotives, I never get tired with my work.

This is one of the tips that I give to those who are still looking for the job they want. Apart from finding our passion, we should also invest in human capital by gaining more knowledge and skills. This worked well for me so I am quite sure that it will also work for others. When I was still starting, I would read news about automotive most of the time. Even if I was not in the sales and marketing department, I studied the market and the business. In my years of experience, I can say that constant reading and improving my skills definitely helped me a lot in my career.

Using the Internet in Searching for a Job

When I was starting, we barely use the Internet. But with the coming of the digital age and the increasing number of people using the Internet, it is now easy to find and get details regarding a particular job. At least now, everyone can just search for a job without any hassle. Through my blog, readers can access valuable information not just about financing options, automotive news, useful tips but as well as career information.

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Where Will You House Your Next Restoration Project?

Eyeing off the fastback Mustang, Charger or Camaro in the classifieds but not sure where you are going to rebuild it?

This is quite a common problem for car enthusiasts. Not only is restoring a car a lengthy process but it is also fun. And the fun can dissipate rather quickly if you have to work on muddy ground or your up all night worried about the tarps you put over your pride and joy keeping the rain out during a storm.

Mechanics have the best setup. Hoists and tool chests on wheels. But not all of us can afford that, but we do require something. And setting up your rebuild in a good place is important.


So what should you look for in your restoration garage?

Enough space – It is obvious but you need to have enough space to do what you need to. Maybe pull out an engine, or leave a hardcover roof covered so that it doesn’t get damaged in the weather.

A good rule of thumb is to get a shed 10-15% larger than what you think you’ll need. We found a good tool online to give you a basic guide to how much room you’ll need here.

Enough height – Having a shed with enough height is also important, if you need to get underneath your car whilst the bonnet is open you don’t have to worry.

Large doorway – A roller door, or large bifold doors is important to make sure you can get your car in and out when the time permits.

Security – The last thing anyone wants is there restoration being tampered with. So getting a secure shed is very important. Doors that have inbuilt locking mechanisms tend to be better than just padlocks so if you are concerned, go down that route.

Foundation – A shed with a concrete slab as the base is a must in our opinion. It is flat, hard and easy to work on. If you drop something on it it is easy to find and it is stable and level. Pavers, and gravel just don’t cut it. Neither does the ground. It may seem like an expensive added expense at the time. But it is well worth it in the long run!

Power – No matter what shed you decide to get, having one that is powered is mandatory. You will need power for the tools and most likely for light during those days where the job ‘just has to get done.’ Powering a shed is no big deal, you can get someone to do it for you, and you can look into doing it yourself. (here is the best guide we found about powering a shed)


And there you have it. Having a quality shed, with all your tools neatly put away an organized can make your car rebuild very enjoyable. Being able to quickly do the job and have it looking great is enough to make any motoring enthusiast proud.

So it is worth taking the time to plan your rebuild, before you get too far stuck into it.

Thanks for reading.

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2015 Volkswagen Microbus

Every few years, vehicle manufactures will surprise us with a nostalgic revival of one of their classic models. In the 90s, Volkswagen did it with the iconic Beetle. In the 00s, Mercedes rebooted the Mini Cooper to the joy of car fanatics the world over. Now, in the 10s, Volkswagen is back at it with the all new 2015 Microbus!

For those of you who were around during the 60s, you will remember things like flower power, the rise of feminism, and the coolest vehicle on the road, the Volkswagen Microbus! This beautiful van, reminiscent of the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, was the epitome of free living. Behind the wheel of the Microbus you could traverse the entire continent and need nothing but the dollars for gas and the dream of freedom.

While the hippies eventually grew up and went corporate, so did the spirit of that movement, and the Microbus got left in the dust and was discontinued. However, now those once rebellious men and women are retiring, and it’s time to refuel the unrestricted passion for life, and Volkswagen has the answer! This vehicle has been revived to revive the emotions of the 60s while introducing a whole new generation to the feeling of freedom.

What’s new in the 2015 Microbus?

Power Train Engine: The new Microbus has the options of going gas or clean burning diesel with it’s turbocharged 2000 horsepower, 4 cylinder engines. From 0 – 60 in just over eleven seconds, this fuel efficient bad boy will power you down the road with 200 pound feet of torque!
Of course, had hybrid been an option in the hippie hay day, it would have been gobbled up! The 2015 Microbus will have the option of going hybrid, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving baby boomers a few bucks for their road trips!

Space: The classic box design of the frame with the wheels set out to the side means lots of interior space for you and your family. Whether bringing the kids out to the beach for the day, or camping over the weekend, the Microbus has enough space to bring all the people and goods you need to enjoy the perfect family activity.

Visibility: No, we don’t mean the visibility of the vehicle. Because everybody will be looking when you drive this down the street! We’re talking about the 7 inch in-ceiling screen which shows what’s going on behind the car so you always know if you’ve got a clear path. Safety was definitely on the mind of the designer for this one.

Price: While the official starting price has not been dropped yet, the estimates are anywhere between $30,000 to $40,000 due to the fact that this german engineered car will be manufactured in Europe and shipping will add to the expense. The lower end of the price range would put the Microbus in competition with the Honda Odyssey and the Chrysler Town and Country, however, the higher end would mean direct competition with the Nissan Quest.
Either way, this car is selling itself to the emotions of the drivers who want it. Even a price point in the 40s wouldn’t be an issue for the person with the dreams of cross country road trips.

While we don’t have the exact release date, it can be expected that this vehicle will hit the market anytime after September. Hold on tight, here it comes!

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The Truth About Personal Finance Leasing For Cars & Autos

I recently decided that wanted to change my car and like any guy I started to have a look around. I checked out a few websites as well to try and find out, what cars were being recommended by the independent magazines. That would be at least a good starting point to try and understand what was available, and also give me a good idea of pricing. After that it was time to start my viewing and meet the rather infamous car salesman.

I already have a car and it was fully paid off and I had also checked what is called “the book price.” If you don’t know what that is, it is a price used by all car dealers, and it is a value that is placed on a used car, based on the year the car was made in conjunction with the number of miles on the clock. Then the car dealer can adjust that depending on the condition of the vehicle you are trading in.

Understanding Book Prices

Let’s say you had a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro the price range could be anything between about $14,000 to $34,000 and that would depend on the specification, the number of miles on the car, and its condition. A car with low mileage and in good condition would be valued higher than one with a lot of miles and a few dents here and there. That all makes sense to me.

Understanding The Financing of Cars & Trucks

Outright Sale With Cash

Now I could just sell my car privately and use that to help pay off my new car. It is a little more work but in reality you will probably get more for it.
I could also trade the car in for book price and pay off the rest of the car which would save me the hassle of a private sale.

Financing Terms

Most people will trade their car in and take out a Finance plan. This is not as simple as just buying an electric drill or a mitre saw at around $100. When you start talking in thousands of dollars, then a dot percentage point can have a pretty heavy impact on your repayments. An example of this would be that if you wanted your payment plan to be around $500 a month, then the amount you get for your own car, plus any down payment you can afford will determine what value of car you can buy.

Let’s say that you got $14,000 for your old car and wanted to pay no more than $500 a month. Then the highest value car you could afford would be about £31,000. Interest rates for new cars are around 3% depending on where you buy from.

Personal Leasing Plans

These are where you trade in your old car, and take out the difference on a personal leasing plan. It simply means you can afford a better car, but after the repayments you may not have paid off all of the amount. Car dealers are starting to use these, as the theory behind those is that you will come back at the end of the payment terms, and take out another new car, and pay the same amount. You do of course have the option of paying off the final amount and then owning the car outright.

In essence you will not ever own the car, but you lease it, and can always continue to drive a newer and high specification car. It is certainly an interesting option and I think worth checking out. Just watch out for some catches though as these leasing plans are restricted and determined by the average number of miles you will do in a year.

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Personal Training and Fitness Courses from my Car

Following my successful graduation as a qualified personal trainer, I set about implementing my unique business plan. As I work in a rural area and public transport is virtually none existent it soon became clear that the only way to run a personal training business in this part of the world (Norfolk) would be to become totally mobile.

This meant I had to challenge what I thought I already knew about the personal training business, having become accustomed to thinking of training as something that happens inside health clubs and gyms, an idea I suppose I must have gotten from my Discovery UK fitness instructor course that led onto my personal trainer diploma.

With this in mind I found the perfect vehicle – the Ford S Max. It has all of the style you would expect to see for a Personal Trainer and it was cheap and easy to brand up. It has masses of room in side for all of my equipment and it is good value to run with excellent mileage to keep my costs down. Another big advantage of this car is that it doubles up as an excellent family car for when I am not working. It also acts as a mobile advertising wagon for me too, and I have had a number of calls where clients have said they saw me in the PT car.

Call this car what you will, people carrier or MPV or sport activity vehicle this vehicle has premium sports styling and outstanding technology. The 7-seats make it incredibly versatile and spacious, and it has allowed me to ferry people to and from the outdoor circuits in the parks which has allowed me to double the number of participants that I take and thus double my income.

When running a mobile personal training course in a rural area there are some very important considerations, one of which is my inventory of equipment that I must carry around. On any one day, typically I will be carrying the following items with me in the car: Kettlebells (four pairs 2kg – 12kg), six sets of suspension training kit, four heart rate monitors and assorted fitness testing kit. I will also have fitness cones and an assortment of equipment to set up a circuit or boot camp such as skipping ropes, mats, hoops, agility ladder, resistance bands and many other circuit station accessories.

Amongst the more logistically challenging kit that I use are the big chunky functional training equipment such as large tyres, medicine balls, power bags and two Vipers. At the same time I may well have with me high tech and fragile client assessment and diagnostic equipment such as a laptop, cholesterol and blood pressure testing apparatus and stopwatches. Ensuring that each item has a secure place and the back of the vehicle does not end up as a general dumping ground has been possible due to the sheer size of the S-Max.

One final advantage has been the great economy of using such a vehicle. I run my PT service every evening of the week and I have around 15 private clients that I train from home meaning that I have to travel on average over 100 miles each week simply to get to my clients. Due to the low maintenance costs and the good mileage, I can keep my running costs down on the vehicle which means that my personal training sessions can be competitive and affordable for my clients.

This has allowed me to expand my business each year for the last three years. They taught us business skills including the importance of expansion on my Discovery personal training course.

The addition of the S-Max to my company has been invaluable and for anyone out there running a similar business I cannot rate this excellent piece of kit highly enough. I would score this car ten out of ten for all the reasons listed above.

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Emergency Knives Save Lives

It seems as though as time goes on, the world becomes more and more conscious of health and safety. Where two decades ago, people wouldn’t think twice about doing something, now it has to be approved by regulatory authorities, risk assessed up the eye balls and protective gear given even if its a menial task. The same principal was applied to the carrying of knives. Where I am not suggesting the whole of the American population should be roaming the streets with blades in hand, there are some occasions where carrying a knife could be the difference when it comes to getting out of a situation alive.

Now, this isn’t an article about knives as a means of self defense or deterring attackers, I’m talking more about the underlying functionality, and how they can help you escape difficult situations in one piece. A prime example, is the added cutting edge that a folding knife can give you. Take a car accident, the most common killer when it comes to road traffic accidents isn’t the collision, it’s what happens afterwards.
Upon colliding with either another vehicle or a stationary object, cars are designed to crumple. They have specifically engineered crumple zones, that look to take the brunt of the impact and protect your legs from becoming damaged. Combined with the air bags, a good degree of cushioning and safety is provided.

However, once the airbags have been deployed and crumple zones have been well and truly crumpled, you can find yourself trapped. This is where the damage can occur, if you can’t get out of the car you could be exposed to harmful leaking gases, flammable fuel leaks and the risk of further collisions from other vehicles.

If you can move, then getting out of the vehicle should be priority number one, especially if you can smell leaking fuel. Enter the emergency folding knife, which could prove your saviour. These knives come equipped with two vital features that can prove the difference when you become trapped. First of all, the folding blade has a serrated edge specifically designed for cutting through the material that constitutes your seat belt. This material is designed to withstand impact in tact, but can become jammed after collisions. With these handy cutters you’ll be loose and mobile with just one simple cut.

The next issue comes with the doors. When crumple zones crumple, residual damage can be caused to the pillars and doors of your car, causing them to become stuck and not being able to be pulled open. These emergency knives come with a second feature, a window smashing point. These enforced points allow you to break glass with ease, without the risk of becoming cut. This gives you space to clamber free and aware from any potential explosives.

Where knives are dangerous to the untrained and immature, they do also hold a lot of benefits. Keeping a folding knife in your glove compartment could be the difference between life and death. You can find more information about folding knives, their benefits and what to look for here.

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How to Prevent Car Windows from Fogging Up

Don’t you just hate when windows start fogging up in your car? Personally, I’ve always find it a bit too annoying, especially when I’m in a hurry, so – curious as I am – I have looked for ways to prevent and/or minimize the appearance of this problem, which ends up obstructing my visibility, sometimes dangerously.

But first let’s start by learning why your car windows get foggy.

There are three main factors that lead up to the forming of fog inside the car, they are: the weather, the use of air conditioning/heater and the amount of people entering the car. The problem will appear when water condenses on the window, and this can happen either on the inside or outside of the window. So for example, if you notice condensation forming on the inside of the windows (just pass your finger over the window to be sure), this means that the air outside is cooler than the air inside.

Well, having made that clear, let me share with you two methods I prefer to use when dealing with window fog, and both involve using a rather unorthodox object (at least for cars!): a potato or an ordinary shaving cream.

METHOD 1 – Using a Potato

Potatoes are not only delicious, they can also help you keep you protected against window fogging problems.

Star out by grabbing a potato. It doesn’t have to be a fresh one, I typically grab one that has started to sprout. Just make sure it is very clean though! Now cut it in half.

Grab one of the halves and rub it on your window. The idea here is to create a thin layer that will act as a shield against condensation. Once you’ve covered the window’s surface leave it to dry!

METHOD 2 – Using Shaving Cream

I first learned about this method on Lifehacker, and I have to say it works very well! It’s very simple, just clean the window using ordinary shaving cream. The soap will act as the thin layer that will prevent condensation from appearing.

You can use any kind of soap, but the shaving cream you use every morning is the least messy product to use in your car. Just grab a little, rub it over the windows of your car and you are done.

By the way these methods also work on any type of glass that usually fogs up!

Does smearing the window work? No, it is usually a bad idea to do this because it’s not really a solution. You see many people doing this as an instinctive response, but ti doesn’t wipe away the moisture – it just moves it around. If you don’t have a potato or shaving cream at hand, you can simply put the defrost on high heat with high blower and wait a few minutes, but it’s always a good idea to prevent fogging problems by creating a layer of protection.

Feel free to try out these methods, I guarantee they work! If you have any other method, share it with us!

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Top 5 Pizza Delivery Cars

If you have ever delivered pizza for a living, you know that the cars used are often slow, old and really suck up the gas. New cars could help a pizza restaurant save money and increase customer satisfaction. Customers will love getting their pizzas quicker. Unfortunately, most companies can’t afford to buy new delivery vehicles. The ultimate pizza delivery vehicle, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTec Diesel, costs over $55,000. Since pizza delivery drivers don’t have this kind of cash just laying around, we have decided to set a budget when evaluating pizza delivery cars. The top 5 pizza delivery cars listed below can be purchased for less than $10,000 used with under 100,000 miles. We evaluated the cars by reliability, power and miles per gallon.

Top 5 Pizza Delivery Cars:

#5 – 2009 Smart Fortwo

When you first look at this car, you may ask yourself, “Where do I put the pizza?” What this little car lacks in storage, it makes up for in speed and versatility. It’s perfect for large cities where parking is limited. It can fit into half of a traditional parking space so you can pull into even the smallest gap.

#4 – 2002 Audi S6 Avant Quattro

If you are looking at a pizza delivery car that has it all, then consider the Audi S6 Avant Quattro. Audi’s are designed for the car enthusiast, especially the S line which offers the best in handling and acceleration. This station wagon can outrun any sports car made today. One great feature that you will appreciate in the winter time is the heated leather seats. The engine is a 4.2L V8 which will help you deliver your pizzas in no time flat. There is plenty of room in the back of this car for the pizzas. The only negatives that come with this car are the bad gas mileage and the high cost of repairs.

#3 – 2010 Wheego Whip NEV 96 Volt

If the Smart Fortwo appealed to you but not the gas mileage, then you will really like the 2012 Wheego Whip NEV 96 Volt electric car. It is small and versatile, yet has great gas mileage. In fact, it doesn’t use any gas at all which will save you a lot of money. The Wheego is the perfect city car as it can maneuver tight parking spaces easily.

#2 – 2007 Toyota Corolla

The 2007 Toyota Corolla is lacking features found in expensive cars, such as navigation and AWD, but it will save you money which makes the lack of features worth it. It is one of the most reliable cars in the past decade. You won’t need to spend a lot of money on repairs. The Toyota also has great gas mileage and you can easily get this car for under $10,000 with low miles.

#1 – 2010 Toyota Yaris

This is one of the biggest cars on our list, yet it is still small compared to other passenger cars on the road. There is plenty of room for pizza in the back seat. This car doesn’t have heated seats or navigation but offers excellent fuel economy and good maneuverability.

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